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Google Chrome 53

Google Chrome 53 Portable download

Google Chrome 53

Google Chrome (Beta) is an experimental version of Chrome, which Google uses to test new features before you add them to stabilnego.Największym addition to the latest version of Google Chrome (beta) is free to incorporate voice recognition application. The browser includes a new API Web Speech, which provides developers with the tools to integrate speech recognition into their applications online. There is some controversy about the safety of such an API as applications right record and transmit dźwięku.Google Chrome (beta) must also adds security enhancements, especially for extensions. Extensions that do not ask explicitly privileges are automatically blocked. This is awesome and forces developers to want to see more long-term przejrzyste.Jeśli what’s on the horizon for Chrome, download and try Google Chrome (Beta).

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Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer and easier. Google Chrome also uses a new JavaScript engine (V8), which is much faster than existing javascript interpreters. This means you can create more complex and more demanding AJAX applications with fewer speed and processing constraints. Finally, Google Chrome is built on top of Blink (fork WebKit), so Google Chrome users will benefit from the CSS3 features are added to Blink (WebKit fork), and those features are released.

Features: –

One-stop shop for each task

application shortcuts

live bookmarks

control failures

mode Inkognito

Integration with Google Gears

Each tab is stored in a separate process

Timely updates to program components.

instant Transfer

Import settings from other browsers

A simplified download process

safe surfing

Use simple and fast WebKit HTML rendering

Supports multiple languages ​​and easy to use browser

Multithreading and lack of browser crashes

Google Chrome 53