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MAGIX Video Pro X8

MAGIX Video Pro X8 Download Free Torrent

MAGIX Video Pro X8

MAGIX Video Pro KS8 (K64)

MAGIX Video Pro X is the perfect software for video editing products intuitive and powerful. video editing package -Arobryn often focused on the unique requirements of ambitious and professional users, and offers an unrivaled range of powerful tools postproizvodstvennyh.

Professional Video Editing

Access to detailed editing options, different effects film performance in the highest quality picture and sound.


Choose from a wide variety of tools to improve their record, such as GPU-optimized video effects, instruments and precision editing Multicam.

sound editing

Sound Mixer real-time monitoring of key personnel and the sample to the nearest editor and tons of high-quality broadcasts effects provides everything you need to optimize the sound.


Access to all accessories such as plug-in installation package NevBlue, which includes stunning color filters and transition effects ProDAD Merkally V2 or stabilize images perfectly.

The most important features:

– Professional format support (ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

– Editing New Scalable 4K for smooth video editing

– 3-way color correction primary and secondary

– Multicam editing of up to nine tracks at the same time

– Support for comprehensive camera action

– Surround sound editing in broadcast quality

– Hardware decode HD and UHD (,)

– NevBlue Look: color filters of the highest quality for an unforgettable movie

What’s new in MAGIX Video Pro KS8:

sword blow

The visual features of video to another. The program matches the color and tone of the two separate video automatically.

360 degree camera editing

Video Pro X provides a wide range of options for editing clips with 360-degree cameras to date.

4K / animation department

4K material used for the manufacture of parts and components image on the low resolution image.

Watching film color NevBlue:

– Change the color and brightness to make his film a classic look.

– Color Fixer PRO: Setting up the balance, saturation and brightness.

– Gradually shadow: Activate color images using a wide variety of filters.

– Published in: Set the image area with floodlights.

– Glow PRO: Criticism warm light of reports by the addition to the original image.

Exposure advanced features

Detailed color and tone correction allows the individual to immediately change the brightness and channels RGB.

Modern header templates

More than 250 templates NEV brand name and a completely redesigned exterior and a modern structure.

support OpenFKS

You can now use standard accessories as OpenFKS video effects directly from the Mediapool.


Video Pro X video editing program is the first in the world to support ultra-fast hardware-accelerated Intel.

Native ProRes support

The latest version includes native support for Apple ProRes video codec.

New in this version:

* Fixed a problem with the file MKSF imports

* Fixed rare crash vhile export HEVC

* This will expand the tiny objects Timeline

* Zoom slider dialog position / size can now be used again, as always,

Now again * Value dialog renovation position / size as you move the marker to play

* Regulations Visual alignment / size effect on all routes with (GPU and CPU)

* Stable image distortion associated with professions / size and performance cutting

* Image rotating and static distortion incision

* Fixed a bug related to the name and the reduction of productivity

* Fixed error Reuse deactivates impact on the marine influence is still

* Error prevention Fiked blanks for key personnel “of the video”

* Fixed crash when leaving the way MULTICAM

* Audio recording is not completed when you press ESC in another app

* Fiked bug that can prevent a first or need to use the full program

* Fixed crash in Camera / Zoom Travel Talk

* Fixed crash when changing the number of observers and functions from standby

* Black frames away in the proxy file if the option “trimming video” active

* Fixed crash when loading the template effect

* Distortion static image (BMP) with different size and keyframe

* Error Fiked when the subject is depicted in a closed track, when considering the effects / design facility in this

* Fixed crash when using very long file

* Add error when loading invalid table

* Fiked accidents during loading table unsupported value

* Fixed bug when saving projects / laden table of values

* Improved speed impact, based on the cost of fees

* Fixed a bug in the updated review of the monitor when you change the reference table

* Fixed various crashes exposure calculations

* Improving the quality of edges and moving objects

* Error Fiked, that can compact flash animated objects (especially the title) when they are in the visible spectrum

* Error Fiked where the case again briefly appeared in the initial position (only if the subject moves before displaying on the screen)

* Color Distortion Effect Brightness / Contrast let you move only the beginning or end point of the curve

Improved speed for most shows / Animation effects

* Error Fiked load / save keyframes in the effects OpenFKS

* The value set in the wrong dialogue when OpenFKS impact sub or disabled in the review and the effect of reactivation

* Alpha channel material can be disabled in the dialogue now Chroma Kei

* Refresh button status checked brightness and color key dialogue

* Fixed issue with image stabilization with Mercalli interlaced material (DVD)

* Full project path to the folder in the dialog to start

* Animation Path improved (CUM behavior, performance, adding new folders) and eliminating downs

* Small fixes and interface localization



MAGIX Video Pro X8